Global population growth and continuous improvement in global living standards, particularly in developing nations, are expected to drive ongoing growth in demand in the global energy markets. Despite the drive towards cleaner energy, the supply of hydrocarbon products is expected to continue to be a significant contributor to this growth. Both oil and gas supply is anticipated to grow in absolute terms. Natural gas is expected to be a significant contributor to the global energy mix, and key in the energy transition as a partner to wind and solar, with the ability to provide quick, reliable, and continuous power without depending on sunlight or wind speeds whilst releasing lower emissions than other hydrocarbon sources including oil and coal.

In light of the above, we intend to capitalize on the team broader experience and connections in the energy industry to identify, acquire and operate a business in the energy value chain that may provide opportunities for attractive risk-adjusted returns, with a particular focus on opportunities aligned with energy transition and sustainability themes. Specifically, we intend to focus on opportunities across the oil and gas and other potential renewable energy business as well as other adjacent services, industrials, and technologies, while remaining opportunistic across the energy value chain, including select opportunities within the traditional power generation and energy production verticals. Our management team believes this area of focus represents a favorable and highly fragmented market opportunity to consummate a business combination.

We intend to identify and acquire a business that could benefit from a hands-on owner with extensive transactional, financial, managerial, and investment experience in the energy value chain that presents the potential for an attractive risk-adjusted return profile under our stewardship. Even fundamentally sound companies can often underperform their potential due to underinvestment, a temporary period of dislocation in the markets in which they operate, over-levered capital structures, excessive cost structures, incomplete management teams, and/or inappropriate business strategies. Our team has extensive experience in identifying and executing acquisitions across the entire energy value chain and a long-standing commitment to fostering environmental, social, and governance performance in its portfolio.

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